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Wisely & Mansion Intellectual Property (Hong Kong) Limited is an IP firm located in Hong Kong. We provide full intellectual property services for trade mark, patent and design matters that are processed in the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong and also the related services to satisfy the need of the clients ranged from different fields and industries, who comes from different countries or regions.  

By the collaboration of our experienced and excellent team, our firm offers specialized and comprehensive intellectual property services in Hong Kong in all aspect, including providing comments and suggestions to the clients' enquires, conducting trade marks searches and company searches, filing new applications and recording name change, assignment and licenses for trademarks, patent and designs, drafting arguments to the objections of trade marks, involving opposition, revocation and invalidation processing, and etc.  

We always welcome any enquiries or comments and it is our great pleasure to provide intellectual property services for our respected clients.


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香港の知的所有権 / 香港知的所有権代行 / 香港商標代行 / 香港の商標代理店 / 香港の特許代理人

香港商標出願 / 香港特許出願 / 香港外観設計申請 / 香港の外観デザイン申請
홍콩의 지적 재산권 / 홍콩 지적재산권 상담원 / 홍콩 상표 대리 / 홍콩 특허 대리

홍콩 상표 신청 / 홍콩 특허 신청 / 홍콩 외관 디자인 신청