Design Registration in Hong Kong

The features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament of an article could be protected if it is registered as a design. The design applications can be filed directly in Hong Kong.

Document required

1. Applicant’s name and address.
* If the applicant is a Japanese or Korean company, the transliteration of the applicant’s Japanese or Korean name in Roman Letter is required, such as XXX KABUSHIKI KAISHA, XXX JOOSIKHOISA.  

2. Title of article.

3. The Locarno classification of the design.

4.Clear representation of the design.  Electronic file in jpg format is preferred.

5.Description of the views, such as respective view, front view. Even though the description is not compulsory, a clear description would be a help to comprehend the design.

5. If priority is clamied, photocopy of priority document is required.
* The application should be filed within six months of the priority filing date.
* The priorty document could be followed.
* If the document is not in English or Chinese, its English translation and the translator's declaration should also be provided.
* If the previous application was not made in the name of the applicant, please state the instrument e.g. deed of assignment, which gives the applicant the right to claim priority, the parties' names and the instrument date.

6. If the application is not filed in the inventor’s name, please explain the applicant’s right to the design, e.g. by assignment, by employment or by contract.

Multiple design application

Two or more designs may be filed in the one application form provided that the designs relate to the same class of article (Locarno Agreement).  

Even though the designs are filed as a multiple design application, different design numbers, such as 1701234.0M001 and 1701234.0M002 would be assigned and the designs are independently protected and maintained.  

Term of a design registration

The term of a design is 5 years and may be extended for an additional 5 years each time, but the total period of registration may not exceed 25 years.

Renewal fee

The renewal fee could be paid within 3 months before the end of current period and the grace period for paying the renewal and the late payment fees is six months after it is expired.

#  The designs are under formalities examination only.

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