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IP firm - Company Culture

Our firm's value, vision and scope, which we now to be achieved are listed as below.

1. Customer-oriented
To understand what the client is needed and provide the best solution or suggestion for the client
2. Team-work spirit 
No one could be expert in every aspect, so it is required to respect others and communication and co-operation with our colleagues. In some complex cases, the result from group discussion is far better than work separately.
3. Knowledge and experience inheritance
Experience is priceless, a senior would dedicated guidance and share his/her experience and way of thing with others and receivers should honour the instructor’s teaching and respect to the instructor. Modesty is advantageous and teaching benefits teachers as well as students.
4. Understand and absorb
Laws and regulations should be creatively study and apply, experiences should also be understand and absorb, which combine with practice, the knowledge could then be owned by ourselves.
5. Continual learning
Never stop studying. Not only learning from the study materials, inheritance, seminars, but also the improvement of ourselves by diligently handling each case and meeting the challenges from the work.  
6. Step-by-step
Build a solid foundation is very important. If the starting is not from the base work and no enough practices, the house would be built by sand and it is hardly to understand and absorb the new knowledge. Besides, for a complex case with many transactions or a problem case, we should reel silk from cocoons and handle the matter step by step. 

7. Organized and detail-oriented
As well as the content, presentation method should also be taken seriously. For answering the enquires, preparing the written submission, or reporting to the client, we should carefully study the case, find the key points, and then focus on the questions or problem to present the contents.   
8. Focus on communication
For the unknown or unclear matters, it is necessary to find the relevant information and communicate with the involved people to take further information or confirmation.  It is our responsibility to communicate with other team member, registrar or client for the  uncertainties to avoid any misunderstanding and take a more detailed and accurate report.
9. Trustworthy and Self-respected
Seek truth from facts and honest and sincerely to others. To acknowledge the insufficient and admit one's mistake is a respect to others and ourselves. Even though the mistake should be avoided, we should face it and try to find the solution and take action to remedy it if the mistake is occurred. Debriefing and to revise policy is necessary to avoid the same mistake is occurred.
10. Responsible and conscientious
Different job attitudes would result in different outcomes of the work.  Regardless of any position, it is our duty to take the job seriously and to make a great effort to process the works.

11. Quality and Discipline
For our firm, quality of the work is far more important than quantity. If the documents have been carefully read and double checked, ambivalence or somewhere could be revised might be found. In addition, a small mistake might lead inestimable influence.

12. The joy of working
It is our hope that the working environment is positive and everyone in the firm are in their capacity and could be recognized their work. It is the firm’s responsibility to provide learning opportunities for everyone.


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