Practice Areas

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Our firm assists clients to protect their intellectual property rights in Hong Kong.  We are pleased to introduce our services as below:

  • Trade Mark

    -    General trademark counseling  
    -    Trade mark searches and provide advices
    -    Prepare and prosecute trademark applications
    -    Trademark renewals
    -    Recordal of name/address change, assignment, licenses
    -    Trade mark opposition, revocation and invalidation proceedings
    -    Trade mark portfolio management
    -    Other trade mark related issues

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  • Patent

    -    General patent counseling
    -    Patent searches
    -    Recordal of standard and short term patent
    -    Maintenance of patent application and renewal of patents
    -    Recordal of name/address change, assignment, licenses
    -    Recordal of the amendment of the specifications
    -    Patent portfolio management
    -    Other patent related issues

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  • Design

    -    General design counsellings. 
    -    Prepare and filing design applications
    -    Design renewals
    -    Recordal of name/address change, assignment, licenses
    -    Design Portfolio Management
    -    Other design related issues

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  • Others

    -    Conducting company searches in the Companies Registry
    -    Investigate of companies for the purpose of trademark issues.
    -    Assist the client to communicate with the customs if necessary

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  • Remark

    We specialize the intellectual property service in Hong Kong. If you would like to have our recommendation for the local firm to handle the intellectual property matters in Mainland China or Macau, we would be very pleased to do so.

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