Copyright in Hong Kong

The original works of authorship, such as books, musical works, drama works, artisic works and computer software could be automatically protected under copyright law.

Different from trade mark, patent and design, there is no registration procedure for copyright in the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong.

Even though it is not necessary to register the copyright in Hong Kong, we still suggest the author to well keep all records of his work, espcially the rough plan. It is also suggested that to register or record the copyright in any authorized institution or the intellectual property department in other country or region, for example Copyright Protection Center of China. Then, the author could provide the rought plan or copyright registration certificate as an evidence to prove that the copyright is owned by them in case there is any dispute regarding the relevant copyright.

The Customs and Excise Department is the only department responsible for taking criminal sanctions against copyright infringements in Hong Kong. Customs would proceed the copyright infrigement case through the complaint from the public and their own investigation. In addition, they are able to confiscate suspected infringing copies whether or not a charge has been laid.

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